About Us

White Star B.V. is a newly formed company. Born as one person company, today is a solid and well established group. The holder has gained experience in the field of food trade, working in sectors like transport. Through this experience he learned to fully understand the mechanisms in this particular sector. 

The headquarter is located in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam. 

The decision to establish the headquarters in a place so far away and different from our country and culture is guided by a dream: to export the Italian first-class products abroad, following the transport, the delivery and the processing of products used to prepare typical dishes of the Italian cuisine. 

The company has grown quickly: in one year it has increased its clients coming to more than 70 restaurants, located in different parts of Netherlands and expanding to hotels and supermarkets. 

The quality is at the first place in our decisions, and it is interpreted through a system of continuous improvement of the organization, in a continuous search of high-quality products and developing a corporate philosophy that aims to the best satisfaction of the client. 

In the cathering sector, as in others, one of the success key is the choice to guarantee an efficient sale service and to ensure the best products. Restaurants is a difficult area that requires a constant update. For this reason, the White Star B. V. is based on the experience of the individual and on the teamwork . So we can get the best out of everyone at the benefit of all. Today, the holder is working directly and is assisted by three employees and two external consultants that contributes at the growth of the company by serving its customers in the area through three vehicles in the Netherlands and two vehicles in Italy. 

The White Star B. V. has among its suppliers Lete S.p.A.De Cecco S.p.A.La Stella SrlTorrente SrlMiccio srl and La Nuova Casearia srl Agrilat srl Comal srl Rigamonti spa BP Prosciutti srl A&A Food srls Enne Food srl Gluten Feer srl